4 No Stress Tips for Selling Inherited Property in Galax and Twin Counties

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By Scott…

Thinking about selling your inherited house in Galax or surrounding counties?  In this blog post, you’ll read my 4 No Stress Pro Tips to help you prepare to sell an inherited property and do it easily, with minimal hassle.

Selling a house can be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive.

And when it’s an inherited house, it can be even more difficult having to do it while dealing with the loss of a loved one.

So, if you want to sell your inherited property with limited hassle, here are my 4 No Stress Tips for preparing to sell an inherited property.

No Stress Tip #1  –  Be Prepared and Plan Ahead
Many people who inherit a house neglect to consider the time and expenses they will incur with an inherited property to get it ready to sell.

Be sure to make a budget based on how much money you will be required to spend for upkeep of the property.  Expenses like mortgage, utilities, taxes, and insurance and maintenance.  If the house repairs have been neglected or deferred and it is in need of repairs to make it in condition to sell, you will need schedule contractors and get estimates for repairs.  Good contractors are usually booked up and it can take a month or two to just to get on their schedule before they can even start on your project.  Don’t forget to have money available for high ticket repair items like roofs, windows, Heating and Cooling, if needed.   To get a house sold most people nowadays are looking for modern kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and paint so be prepared for this as well if the property needs it.
Have a plan in case the house takes a long time to sell.
Have contingencies in the event your real estate agent can’t find a buyer.

It’s stressful if you have to decide these things on the spot as they come up but if you’ve already thought them through and plan accordingly, you can eliminate a lot of stress during a difficult time.

No Stress Tip #2  –  Be Informed about what it will take to sell your property
I recommend asking yourself these questions as you prepare to sell you property.

Do you know the process to sell the property quickly and get you the most money?  Do you plan to sell the property yourself?
Do you know for sure how long it will take?
Do you know how much it will cost you to sell and the money you will actually receive from the sale?  Remember to subtract Holding Costs, Seller Closing costs, Realtor commissions, and buyer requested repairs.  These will all need to be deducted from your selling price so all the heirs know how much they will get after all expenses are paid.
Is it the right time to even sell?  Is the market good or is it better to wait and hold on to it?

Do some research ahead of time and answer these questions to become informed about selling. The more information you have, the better.



No Stress Tip #3  –  Get Consensus and full agreement with your fellow heirs on your plan

If multiple heirs own the inherited property, you’ll want to gather together and talk to each heir to get a consensus and agree on exactly how you will proceed with the property.

Nothing is worse than starting the process and trying to sell your property only to be stopped in your tracks by an heir who decides they don’t want to go along with the plan and who wants to go in a different direction with the property.  I suggest very simply writing down whatever is agreed upon between heirs so there are no surprises arise later.

I have personally seen this many times and this is by far one of the most important, and first things you should do if you and your family members have inherited a property!


No Stress Tip #4  – Work With an Experienced House Buyer

You can skip a lot of the legwork and hassle by selling directly to an experienced house buyer like us.

Selling to Twin County Home Buyers is the simplest, fastest, least expensive way to sell an inherited house and to put the most cash in your pocket quickly.  Because we buy houses fast, for cash, in as-is condition, we can provide you with the simplest, quickest, most stress free and pleasant transaction available.  We are experts at dealing with the challenges sellers face with inherited properties from titles issues, liens, multiple heirs, probate, repairs, back taxes owed, etc..


These are my 4 No Stress Tips for preparing to sell an inherited property in Galax and the surrounding counties which can help you finally deal with that inherited property and avoid the pitfalls and stress that can come along with it!

It would be our pleasure to consult with you about your property and discuss the selling options available to you.  Our aim is to help you however we can, even if we don’t buy your house.  We believe what comes around goes around and we are here to help!

Want to discuss selling your inherited house with NO STRESS??? Click here now and fill out the form or call our office at (276) 800-1711.